Friday, January 21, 2011

Too Hot!

Last night was one of those interesting nights that every mom experiences now and then, and here's how it went: 

I decided we would have some escabeche for supper. I had, after all, bought some jalapenos for just such an occasion. I love to add one whole to the soup toward the end, it gives a wonderful flavor but no heat that way.

Soup is done and on the table, and I realize I had forgotten to add the pepper! I decide to still add it some to my soup...

I bite into a jalapeno, and declare that it is not a hot one. So, Jessica takes a bite as well, probably into the seeds, and ouch, is it hot! "mommy, mommy, what will stop the burning?!" I quickly get her some milk to soak her lip.

Meanwhile somebody is honking a horn outside, and I send Joseph out to see who it is. Sounds like he needs to talk to me so out I go, sending him away to see Daniel, who just happened not to be home from work yet. 

While I am trying to get Jessica calmed down, Timothy starts whimpering. I look at him and see he has gotten a hold of the habanero salsa and has put some in his soup and then he spits out the chunk of habanero that is not supposed to be eaten! O dear! I give him some milk too, he drinks it and is fine...tough little man.

But Jessica, her face red from crying, is not happy yet...I add some sugar to her milk and that seems to ease the burn a little.

Back to eating the escabeche; I finish my bowl and realize I forgot to heat up the corn tortillas that are supposed to go with the soup. I return about half of the thawed tortillas to the freezer because we probably won't need that many since the children are done with their soup...I turn the toaster oven on, in case someone will still want some and at least they will be hot when Daniel comes home. After the oven has clicked away for a while, I go to take them out, only to realize they are STILL COLD! I check and sure enough, the cord is unplugged...O well, plug it in and try again.

Daniel comes home, sits down to eat, and everything is back to normal, as if nothing had ever gone wrong....

...the end.


Grace said...

Oh wow! Sounds eventful!!

The Louden Clan said...

wow. we all seem to have days like that!!

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