Sunday, August 14, 2011

Uses for my spools!

Last week I posted that I had gotten two wooden cable spools. Well, in just over one week I had found so many uses for them, that I went back to the light plant and got myself two more! Who would have known that they could come in so handy. For now I have decided to leave the wood color natural. If I get tired of that, I can always paint them later. This way they blend in with nature well. (Thank you Simply Scaife!)
 My favorite one is to brew a cup of coffee, and early in the misty morning go out to sit under the tree and refresh myself in God's Word and have fellowship with Him. Nothing feels more refreshing!
When the nephews come around, they ask if they are allowed to play on the spools. Why yes! They are so sturdy, they make an excellent toy. You can even stack them into a tower that looks great.
When play is done, just roll them back again. They are very easy to move. Just tip on the side, roll to where you want it, and tip upright again. No heavy lifting is needed. The big one is a table, the smallest ones are stools, and the medium one is an indoor shelf. If you have any kinks in your back, roll it over one of these spools and you will feel great! 

A tea party! I will follow up soon with details on this one, so stay tuned...

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Kim Brenneman said...

Hi Annie! We used to have some big spools around. I don't know what happened to them. We used them as outdoor tables for butchering chickens and also for the food table when having an outdoor party. My sil Rhonda used to used hers for a party table also. Ours were painted white.
I love reading about your life!

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