Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where's the whipping???

  Tonight, we had a lovely supper. Or dinner, dependin on where you live. I cooked some chicken noodle soup, and had made some chocolate pudding pie for dessert. It was a wonderful rainy Saturday night, so I do what we sometimes do in the situation. Turn off the light overhead, light an oil lamp, and a few pretty candles in this case, and simply enjoy the sweet and simple things in life. Quietly we finished our soup while talking about the day, all the while listening to the thunderstorm and rain outside.
When I dished out the pie, Jessica asks, "Mommy, where's the whipping?" We cracked up laughing. Earlier, she had made the whipped topping. No, she did not get a whipping, but she did get a good serving of topping.
Life is sweet!

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