Monday, August 1, 2011

My 'new' spools and what to do with them...

Daniel works parttime at the Light Plant, so the other day we went there, and I saw some of these big spools stacked. I told him, "I want those!" My husband, who knows better than to argue when I say something like that, went and inquired about them, and got me two for $5 each. Not bad, right? I see a rugged handy table to have sitting on the porch with the small spool as a stool. I hope to aquire one more of the smaller spools.

Now, for the big question. How should I fix them up? Paint them? The tops are in bad shape, so I am wondering if I can cover them with some fabric and then clear vinyl, like this person has done it. I quite like the idea...or do you dear readers have any idea what I should do with them?

Please don't be shy to give your opinions and ideas!

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Simply Scaife Family said...

Personally, I like them natural as outdoor tables--my parents made them into dove houses when I was younger. Wrapped in rabbit wire, the center was slightly opened to be the nest area. A little door was on one side...don't have any pictures, sorry. I bet your will come up with something really creative!

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