Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Father / Daugther Night Out

Last week my daughter got a night out with Daddy. She was very, very excited. We were looking through her clothes, trying to figure out which was the best one for her to wear.

It turned out to be one that she got over two years ago to use as a flower girl, which still fits her!

It sure was good, because I could not have afforded to buy her a new one right now.

My little daughter, not so little anymore. Boohoohoo. But on the other hand, I am thankful to have such a big helper already.

Just before they went out, Daddy surprised her (with some previous ideas from someone else:)) with a necklace all her own, the first real one she has ever owned.

Wow Daddy! I am in awe...

My man fiddling around with a necklace for the first (?) time in his life. Oops! Hey, remember I wanted him to do this for her!

-This is so beautiful, I can't stop looking at it.

I don't think I have ever seen her happier and more proud than she looks here.


Rosella said...

That is so so very sweet.. There's something special about a father and daughter.

Rosella said...

Jessica's really starting to look like you Annie!

Danelle said...

I really love the third picture! And yes, like Rosella said, Jessica is developing the spitting image of you!

Pioneer Mom said...

Well thank you! It does make me feel special... :)

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