Sunday, June 7, 2009

The horse story

We love horses. My cowboy husband grew up with horses on the farm, and rode since he was a small boy. So, after we had our first two children, we decided we wanted them to grow up with horses around too.

That's when we bought Rose, a gentle, well-trained older mare.
That was in January of 2006.

We lived in Tennessee at that time, and had a small area on our property that we could fence off for her. We had her bred when we got her, and started looking forward to having a foal from her. She was a Tennessee walking horse, and so was the baby.

And here is the little tyke Joseph we were trying to make a cowboy out of! It seems to have worked, as he still loves horses at 4! Although it took him longer to learn to like the mare than it did Jessica. She seemes to have inherited the love for horses from daddy.

Old Rose has given the children many a good ride. Even the neighbor children came and wanted to ride her, and lots of friends who came to visit.

Having a horse is not cheap, and even though we were trying to save money as much as possible during those years, we felt it was ok to do this, especially since we both love horses and since we wanted our children to have that fun when they were young. I'm glad we did.

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