Monday, June 15, 2009

Mommy, would you paint with me?

Yes dear, but not right now. How often do I find myself telling my children that! But then, what is a mother to do? Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, but I think it is very important to take the time to do things they want to do with us together. After all, they are this small only once. Only a short little once. So, I made a painting session with both of them recently. We got out our watercolors, chairs and what we needed and found a nice spot outside to relax and see what we could paint. Little Timothy was on a blanket beside us, chewing on grass, sticks and whatever else he could find...

Here is Jessica's first painting. It was somewhat similar to mine. It is meadows, fields and sky.

Jessica's depiction of our family. When I look at this picture I feel so blessed that there are 5 people in our family!

Joseph's state of the art piece of art. I like it. You can see the watercolor so well. But I couldn't tell you what it is supposed to be. But then, that is what art is all about now, isn't it?

This one done by him is a bit more obvious what it is supposed to be. Trees, a road, a car with people in it, a rainbow, and sky...

Here is mine. I call it, A lazy day in Iowa. I might actually frame this one day, or stack it with all the ones I mean to frame some day in the future.

So, spend that special moment with your child! You might just be rewarded in several ways.


Bridgette said...

You are all very talented painters!
Your friend,

Pioneer Mom said...

Thanks Bridgette!

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