Thursday, March 24, 2011

Catching Up

Finally I have gotten the quilt done. I don't think I will attempt another queen size quilt anytime soon. I thoroughly enjoyed having all the ladies over to help me quilt it though.

 I have matching curtains, and plan to make matching pillowcases someday. For now I will pack it away.

 Here are the chickens I mentioned a while back. For the most part the coupe is now done. All the wood is recycled. I love recycling! The posts come from hubby's work shop, and instead of nailing a structure that can be moved, I dug holes in the ground, put the posts in and attached everything to the posts. I did not bother trying to saw those posts in any way, so I found it easier to put them in the ground till they were the same height, as the posts came in different heights. Our skill saw is down so everything else had to be sawn by handsaw. (I suppose its just as well, since I am too busy lately to exercise, but I need it somehow. :) The roof is not nailed down and can easily be removed. The door is on the north side; I used a plywood sheet as I figured this way the chickens had a little more shelter in one corner at night. During the day we open the door and let the chickens roam. It is Joseph's job to feed them before breakfast, and he enjoys it. 

Will it save us any money raising a few chickens this way? Maybe, maybe not, but when you are a parent, you start looking at things not just from a financial point of view, but how will your children benefit from the experience. And in this case I realized it is an invaluable lesson for them. Besides, its fun!!!

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