Monday, March 21, 2011

Thirteenth Anniversary

Daniel and I celebrated 13 years together last week. We took the weekend to get away. And, a wonderful get-a-away it was all right. We went right back to the place where we spent part of our honeymoon. Here are some photos to enjoy. 

 The cabins at our resort, MET. The resort is tucked away in the forest, a very private and lovely place to retreat from bustling life. 

 We did not ride, but I did like the looks of the stables; I like anything rustic. 

 The cantina where fresh home-cooked meals are served.

 Birds eating at a bird feeder.

 Saturday afternoon we went further into Mountain Pine Ridge. We visited some friends, and then hiked to this waterfalls that is way out where nobody is. That is one thing I really like about this country; there are places to go where nobody else is, places that are out there in the wilderness for us to explore.
 Private road we took to the falls.

 This creek comes from the falls. We were determined to swim so we did, but whew, was it cold. I mean it was cold, kinda like canadian waters.

We had a sunny day on Saturday when we did the hiking, then on Sunday when we wanted to rest and relax it was cloudy and a little rainy. Perfect weather.

 To top the weekend off, we ate sunday lunch at this Barn & Grill Steakhouse. It again is rustic, just according to my liking. If you are from Belize or visiting, be sure to check them out! They are just west of the dangerous curve on the Western Highway, in Teakettle.

 I had cowboy steak. It was seriously delicious.

I tried to capture the rain, but I can never do that too well with my cameras. But you get the idea.

That was our weekend! Hope you enjoyed the tour.

(There is one special item that I acquired when we were still at the resort, but I will blog about that later! I am very excited about it, but I have yet to go back there to pick it up...I know you are curious, but keep checking back! Think vintage, furniture...;)

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rosie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! That means it's been 13 years since I was last in Belize. Way too long :(

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