Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A New Venture

When I wrote the buttermilk post, I mentioned that there might be a business opportunity for me in it. I have been giving it some more thought; can I do it above all I am doing lately? Can I keep the house clean? The children happy? My husband? I asked him about it again last night, and he encouraged me to go ahead and try it! That was the push I needed to get me started. Today I brought my very first batch of cultured buttermilk to the store to sell!

I don't know if I will sell anything; but I want to at least give it a try.  I have advertising ideas in mind if needed and have given some buttermilk with recipes away for free, hopefully to get people 'hooked' on the product.

 So, if you visit the FTC in Spanish Lookout, and see this buttermilk, you know exactly where it comes from! And, you might want to consider supporting me:) I have included two recipes on the label, so people will not be left hopeless when they purchase a bottle. 

Isn't it great to be a stay-at-home mama? Life is so full of opportunities.

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