Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun Project

A wobbly old table. My Dad built it years ago for my sister and myself. Two rickety old chairs that my aunt said I could have.

I am having lots of fun working on this set, and will show you how they look when they are all done. Both my dad and my mom were (are) good carpenters. My Mom would probably not prefer to be called by that title, but she is good at it!

Stabilizing the chairs so they won't wobble anymore.

(And now you know why I can't finish my quilt; this table and chairs are standing right next to it...)


Hannah McCalvary said...

That's too cool! You never run out of exciting thing to do everyday.

Rosella said...

LOVE your projects and can't wait to see when you're done.. waiting to spend a day at your house.

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