Friday, March 11, 2011

Vintage Enamelware

Yesterday there was another yard sale, which meant more fortune for me! I have been collecting enamelware for a while without realizing how much I was accumulating. Now, I am thinking all I need is an old cabinet painted white, and I will have a lovely display. 

The flower bowl to the back left was my Grandmothers. It seems to me it was a soup bowl, but it being so long ago, I can hardly recall anymore. The cup to the front left also belonged to her; the handle is broken off. 
The little cream pitcher to the right is something my mom passed on to me. The bowl to the back right, the candleholder, and the two huge cups toward the middle I picked up from yesterday's sale. The candleholder and bowl were free. :) The rest of the items are garage sale finds over many years. I have green enamelware as well, but decided only to show the white here.

I welcome any suggestions for displaying these items, if you have any ideas.

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